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Demons, Doorways and Dating


Tristian has demons. Seriously, they watch him in the bath sometimes.


On returning to his small seaside village for the summer, philosophy student Tristian is confronted with something worse than seeing demons... a job in a corner shop. After several weeks of life in the 'real world', an unsolved murder leads him to discover that he is destined to kill the demon responsible and close the doorway it came through. Oh, crumbs.


Tristian is, quite understandably, uncertain that he can cope with this Herculean task until he meets and falls for the mysterious Eris. It's true; Eris has her own problems. She’s dealing with a bit of an identity crisis—probably because she can change forms. Oh, and she’s half-demon… and has some anger issues… But apart from that, they’re a perfect fit. After one drink together, Tristian vows to do whatever it takes to get another date, even if it means facing up to his destiny.

Philosophically speaking, risking your life for a date with a demon is less than ideal, but then so is letting a demon eat your customers.


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Artwork made using the Dream by WOMBO app.

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