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On this page, you can find interviews, announcements, articles, news and blogs related to my writing.

18/9/22 My AuthorTube channel is up and running! Check it out for videos on my journey, querying, pitching and the craft of writing. 

1/1/22 I chose to mentor Lucy Rose and Joey Cosentino for the Rogue Mentor Programme.

Lucy's book is a ghostly descent into madness that hooked me right from page one.

Joey's book is a hugely enjoyable rock comedy about an anxious singer who discovers his guitar has been cursed by a demon.

27/12/21  Feed My Reads Author Interview - This is my first author interview! Give them follow.

26/11/21 I joined the Rogue Mentor programme as a mentor. It's a great programme full of lovely mentors, and I highly recommend entering if you're a querying writer.



14/1/21  How to Get Published with a Tweet - An article on pitch contests that included one of my pitches.



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