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New Book - The Thing About Magic

The Thing About Magic Collage.png
  • Magic and mystery

  • Strange happenings in a sleepy English town

  • Awkward, funny  romance

  • Two thiry-somethings with no direction

  • Ancient grudges and  a supernatural murder

  • Adorable pets and a magical house

Life can be hard in your thirties. It’s worse if you suddenly gain the ability to perform magic. You might think it would solve all your problems, but as directionless Lily soon finds out, magic can be unpredictable when you don’t know how to wield it. To deal with her newfound powers, she’ll need the help of Jacob, a magic wielder whose only interest besides playing video games is recovering an orb that was stolen from his parents.

With temperaments like fire and water, they struggle to hit it off, and neither finds it ideal when they are forced to share Jacob’s home. But Lily soon discovers that if she wants to reverse the unwanted effects of her magic, she’ll need to learn everything Jacob knows. And he’ll need to do everything he can to help her if he is going to satisfy the magical elders, recover the orb and keep his deceased parents’ collection of artefacts intact.

As their connection grows, they’ll be forced to confront their feelings for each other and begin taking control of their lives. But their bond will be tested by a deadly and powerful stranger who has developed an unhealthy obsession with Lily’s unusual abilities. 



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