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New Book - Magic Within

  • Magic in our world

  • Strange happenings

  • A sleepy English town

  • Awkward, yet charming romance

  • Murder

  • Horror

  • Ancient wisdom

  • The darker side of magic

  • Adorable pets

Magic was once a real force in our world, and then vanished, leaving only traces behind. Until now...

When shy and sceptical teenager Lily becomes the first human in centuries to be imbued with magic, she seeks the help of Jacob, an annoyingly cokcy teen she met in the woods. He said he knew magic and she was in great danger, but she assumed he was trying to flirt, badly.

Now strange things are happening all around her: blackouts, fires, creepy music playing from nowhere and her dopey pet dog is acting decidely feral.

Jacob has experience with magic and knows what it would mean to have it back in the world. He also knows that there's a darker side to magic and there are people out there who would stop at nothing to get the power Lily now possesses. They'd even kill for it.

If he can't teach her how to control her newfound magic, their whole town will be in danger. If the wrong person gets to them and gets control of Lily's power, there's no telling what they might do.



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